nhh t1_j05iype wrote

You are right on point. Yes, boomers had it easy. The fact is that they lived in post WW2 economy where America was basically the ONLY country territorially unaffected by WW2.

The fact that there were a whole lot fewer people than there were today also is a factor.

The fact is that Americans today have to compete on a global scale which was not a possibility due to impossibly expensive real-time communication?

Sure, there may be things that boomers were responsible for creating - they exacerbated climate change and did nothing to address it, given that this problem was known since the 80s. They kept voting Republicans into office with the goal to gut the government and gut the tax code - which left us at the current deficit mess.

But by an large, the problems that today's younger generations face are not a result of direct action by Boomers. Arguing so is stupid.