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1.5 volts is too small a voltage to do most things. AA, AAA, C, D batteries all put it 1.5v per cell because of the chemistry involved. Things that use lithium batteries actually do often just use 1 cell sometimes because the chemistry of them puts out about 3.7 volts. Same with things that use 9v batteries. 9v batteries are actually lots of little 1.5v batteries (watch battery size) stacked up inside that case.


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Is not a thing. There's isolation membrane and sound absorption boards that go between the studs and drywall. Both require demoing the room to the studs. Then you are still left with sound coming through the door.

Recording studio wall foam that goes on the outside of the walls is probably more practical for op.


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The yeast is killed by cooking. In the case of fermented beverages most of the yeast settles out before you drink it and you do not drink much yeast. Your stomach acid kills what you do drink.

If you straight up drank active yeast slurry and sugar water it probably could overwhelm your stomach acid and ferment in your stomach and intestines, producing a lot of gas (co2) and some alcohol, but probably not enough alcohol for you to notice any effects in the time it would be in your stomach/intestines. It would likely be very uncomfortable.