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Yes that is the sad truth. Haters love to tear down but never create. I truly appreciate your comments. I went to art school too and learned a lot more from practice than I did from tutors. I think people like to see artists as people who have god given talent, when in reality it's just a lot of hard work. One of my favourite artists is Egon Schiele, he studied under Gustav Klimt and while you can see the influence his work is a totally separate thing. I think it's just hard seeing people criticize your work in text. When you read criticism like that in text it is easier to take it to heart but in reality if they were saying it in person it would be so easy to brush it off because you would be able to identify them as absolute fools. It's easy to criticise with Doritos dusted fingers on a keyboard. I will keep sharing my art and I thank you for being voice of reason amongst all the criticism. You are a man who understands what art is about and that means a lot to me. So thank you again.


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I really appreciate this comment. Honestly, thank you so much. I did use an image by an artist called Artyom Gordienko as a reference to make this painting. I did not know the name of the artist who made the original image. I just really liked the image( I found it online and the og artist was not credited) I used it as a reference for this painting. When somebody informed me who the artist was I was happy to credit him. I answered any comments about it explaining the situation.

I really don't like using social media but I know it's a necessary thing to try and get my artwork out there in the world. This was the first thing I've posted in about a year, I chose a painting that isn't really part of my usual practice to get me into the habit of posting. Didn't really think it was gonna get as much attention as this so I thought it would be a good start.

I forgot how much Reddit loves to brigade and be negative. Whoever this Lillian cat anus is has been following me to other posts being negative. I don't really know what else they want from me tbh. I credited the original image as soon as somebody told me. The post I made has loads of cool comments of people telling their stories which I have enjoyed reading. I like the painting I made, it was a nice break from my normal work. Dunno what else they want from me really. Thanks again for sticking up for me and being a voice of reason. It made me feel a bit better.


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I wasn't thinking about Edvard Munch at all when I made this painting. I don't know too much of his work beyond the scream but I could probably recognise his style if I saw a painting of his and take a guess it was his work or somebody from a similar time period.

I usually like to use loud colours in my paintings, bright colours, brush strokes and tiny details. So this was a painting I made to take a break from what I was working on.
I didn't know who the original image was made by so it was hard to credit him but now I know so I will credit the og image maker if I ever post again (which I probably won't in fairness). That was my bad though and you live and learn. Everyday is a school day.


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I'm not saying I painted it from memory. I saw the image and liked and saved it. The image was uncredited so I didn't know who the artist was. I needed a break from my normal work and made this painting using it as a reference. Thought it was a cool image. It's hard to credit the original creator when you don't know who made it. Now I know who it is though and will find out how he feels and work from there.


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Thanks for sharing that link. I'm not sure where I seen the original photo I used as a reference for this painting. I tried Google lens on the painting but no results showed up.

Now that I know though I have contacted him on Instagram as I can't seem to find any other contact info. Hopefully he doesn't mind me using it as a reference for this painting study but if he does I will remove it from my any of my online posts.