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Mouthwash is actually not only ineffective, it is directly linked to increased blood pressure and hypertension via reducing bacteria involved in nitric oxide production which influences blood pressure.

Conclusion: In this study, frequent regular use of over-the-counter mouthwash was associated with increased risk of hypertension, independent of major risk factors for hypertension and several other potential confounders.”


Critically reviews evidence from a published study that suggested mouthwash use is associated with increased risk for prediabetes/diabetes.”

“those using mouthwash twice daily or more at baseline had an approximately 50% increased risk of developing prediabetes/diabetes combined, compared to those who used mouthwash less than twice daily or not at all.”


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In the most literal sense, artificial intelligence is designed to be as flawless as possible (duh). AKA optimized. Evolution makes organisms that only have to function literally just enough (to reproduce). The human body is full of imperfections. It only has to be "good enough". Same with our brain and its functions, inefficiencies, etc. The bar is literally "survive till old enough to fuck".


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>We show that it is possible to ascertain the presence of a microwave pulse resonant with the second transition of the transmon, while at the same time avoid exciting the device onto the third level. Experimentally, this is done by using a series of Ramsey microwave pulses coupled into the first transition and monitoring the ground-state population.

from the paper


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Mainly organ size, but also what kind of antibodies the animal have and if they’re compatible with human immune systems - it has been said the history of transplantation is the history of immune suppression; tackling rejection is the holy grail of transplant medicine and the reason for using these “gal-safe” pigs, which are bred to not have a sugar on the organ cell humans react to.