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I get what you are saying. Search results you can pour over multiple returns and compare and contrast to draw conclusions. An ai question answer engine gives you one result and you have to take it upon yourself to verify. I guess a parallel to look at is social media: TikTok/YouTube shorts are the most popular content delivery format atm and it is essentially deciding for you what to consume. So I’d say the majority of (young, probably) people are definitely willing to allow a machine to do their thinking for them


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That n after does is really throwing me off cus I can’t tell what exactly you’re asking. But jobs that will likely lose an enormous percentage of their human workforce off the top of my head are manufacturing, trucking industry, cashiers, call centers, warehouse workers, healthcare, technical writing. Basically anything that is repetitious and especially dangerous. I think trades and hospitality will do well since it’s hard to get a robot up a flight of stairs to snake a drain or install a chandelier and humans like being comforted by humans (for now anyway)