nightfishin t1_iud2d68 wrote

I haven´t enjoyed Andor at all, dropped it after 5 episodes. The characters are cliche, uninteresting and boring. Not invested in any of them. The dialogue is bland without any personality, style or flair and filled repetition. Its not funny, clever or charming when it tries to be. The storylines are trite that have been done much better before. And RoP is like 2-3, one of the worst written shows I´ve ever watched.


nightfishin t1_itn25w2 wrote

All those elements are in the first season. Tyrion being Tyrion, having chemistry with every character and actor, delivering classic dialogue. Tywin is introduced in the second half of the season. Jon Snow travels to the Wall in the second episode etc.

Sure its hypothetically possible HotD could surpass it but I never want to set expectation for any content that high and then be disappointed.


nightfishin t1_itlczgh wrote

I would gladly be proven wrong if it surpasses it. Its a great overall show, might be the best season of the year for me.

But it doesn´t have Tyrion and Tywin which I think are some of the best characters ever written TV or Book. It doesn´t have the brotherhood/friendship of the Knights Watch. Larys is a lesser version of Little Finger and Varys dynamic. And really just a poor mans Glokta.