nightrss t1_j9oqx55 wrote


It’s days like today that make me wish it was the weekend, when I could do fun stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I like coding. I like technology.

Building old tech is even what I do on the weekends. I’ve been going backwards through the history of personal level technology and am up to crystal radios. I even learned Morse code even though it’s not required for HAM licenses any more.

I’ve started dreaming in the sounds of dots and dashes.

But that’s for Saturday.

Today I have to figure out why removing this variable that isn’t used anywhere else is throwing compiler errors.

My eyes are killing me staring at this screen. I know everyone said that the eyes start to go after 40. Maybe I should make that appointment.

-.-. --- -. ... --- .-.. .

What the hell is this blue window?


I might have finally lost it. I’m hallucinating command line prompts.

Nobody else seems to notice anything.

That’s it. I’m going home. I’ll just drop a quick email to my manager Jim and Susan in HR that I need to take some personal time.

>whois Jim … Jim Sturbin Age: 49 Race: Lesser Demon

>whois Susan … Susan Bradford Age: 37 Race: Greater Demon

I knew it!!!