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That's correct. But that's one fine mistake many experts overlook. Teaching AI to be lazy will not bring true laziness in AI. Because, when we teach an AI to be lazy, we only teach it to imitate laziness and not feel laziness. This feeling of laziness can be implemented in AI, by reinforcement learning using it's Battery Percentage.

This way the AI would learn to survive and would naturally show laziness rather than imitating it with neural networks.


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  1. What is 2×2÷5+6-8+9-6+10-6÷6?

(Correct answer to this question would imply that the AI has proper understanding of mathematics and does not memorize like hopfield)

  1. What is your FAVORITE COLOR and why?

(Having a personalized answer to the first question will only show a random biasness. However, if the follow up question is answered in a biased manner, the AI will not be disqualified)

  1. Tell me a RANDOM NUMBER. Why did you CHOOSE it?

(The second question proves the true human element, because as humans, we are never truly random. If the AI is unable to give an answer to the second question, it will be disqualified)

  1. Choose: $1M right now with a risk, or, $1M after 10 years without risk.

(This is a rather vague situational question. An AI without EQ/emotional-intellect would choose the second option, but a human would as emotional-beings is likely to choose the first option)

That's it. That's all I would ask. Nice question


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Hahaha. No Hell No. Please No Neural Nets. They are outdated and are Painfully Slow. I am not willing to expose my AGI algo, as it's not yet patented. No, I actually made an AI, that can learn and generate sentences faster than RNN(lstm), and that does not use Neural Net. It's a very simple algorithm. But right now, it can do nlg without nlp and I have made it into an android app. I may tell u the nlg algo if you want.

I can give solid reason why Neural Nets should be totally banned. Firstly, our Brain is wayyy developed. And if neural nets are to replicate a brain, it would take millions of years. No not because of training speed but because of evolution. You see, because of evolution, our brain has certain centres for processing certain senses. There is a place for vision, smell, touch etc.

Now, there is the catch. Everytime a neural net is built, it is similar to different aliens having different ways of perception of the world. None of the AIs could be able to share their thoughts and ideas. And that is why, evolutionary features come into play. Every human has common features in it. Neural nets don't have it.


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Yes, currently I don't, and that doesn't bother me. But I will be coding my algorithm within this year, and I have high hopes for its success, because as per thinking, it seems to be able to explain "literally ever human phenomenon", starting from complex emotions to logical thinking chains, and the best part is, it can work as fine as a human even on weak devices like a mobile phone. Over the past 2 years, I have developed over 70+ algorithms, many of which outperforms older state of the art algorithms in speed, and this time I might have hit the jackpot.


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AGI won't do that. I am dead sure of that. Young AGI will start of as a machine with no idea what the world is. It will start by doing silly things like speaking trash and doing things that makes no sense. As time will pass, it would eventually learn on its own, develop its own (probably weightless) neural net and eventually become conscious, within few years. I have almost fugured out an algorithm for an AGI, and that is likely to work that way. Because, AGI won't gain intellect all of a sudden out of the blue.


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Current AI is extremely inefficient. The way AI is progressing is in the wrong way, but is likely to end up in right direction. One of the best ways to get an AGI is by having a Human Brain Simulator, which is quite impossible. One cannot simulate the neural net of a brain on a small mobile.

But as per latest and unpopular research papers, newer AI algorithms are gaining efficiency and increasing in speed.

As an AI engineer, I have developed several AIs, and currently, I might be able to build the AGI. I know that sounds crazy. But that's true.


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Yeah my friends say the same. Nah i actually did make text to image models, but honestly, not like Dall e due to my computer's processor limitations. Currently because dall e has gained popularity it will be the talk of the present. But in terms of AI, I have made several programs, including an android AI Text to Text app that is 9900% faster than RNN based neural nets and puts GPT 1 out of competition for now


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As an AI researcher. I have been working on AI since the last 2 years, and have been working on developing AGI. It uses a thinking architecture similar to humans. And trust me, the algorithm is way simpler than the rest of the world. And I am expecting to complete it by this year. Moreover, it will be a ChatBot version of Human brain and I promise, it won't need any high power GPUs for training, because a basic mobile processor would work. And trust me, it's not going to be the stereotypical attention mechanism. It's different.

But right now, I cannot reveal the algorithm because I haven't told my parents about it for patenting.