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Automation could give health service a much-needed reboot by helping to prioritise those most in need of treatment

Robots will be deployed to help clear NHS waiting lists and decide who gets seen first.
Pilot schemes have begun using automated calls to assess patients waiting for operations and prioritise their urgency.
One major company said the NHS is now looking to use automatisation in about 100 areas, including helping to clear backlogs and speed up the handling of referrals.
The expansion could mean more than 100,000 NHS workers are trained in coding and bot creation, in order to reduce the bureaucratic burden.


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Boeing and NASA, the US space agency, are collaborating to create a carbon-emission-reduced commercial airplane of the future.

The “Sustainable Flight Demonstrator” (SFD) project will receive $425 million from NASA over seven years, while an estimated $725 million spent by Boeing and its partners.

According to NASA administrator Bill Nelson, the objective is to create commercial airplanes that are “more fuel efficient, with advantages to the environment, the commercial aviation sector, and to passengers globally.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Nelson added, “If we are successful, we may see these technologies in planes that the public takes to the skies in the 2030s.”