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Welp here’s the thing, an AI could potentially work like you in the future, but for now we only use it like a better bot, the automations for the bot to be able to do stuff is also important and have been getting easier.

My personal recommendation would be to start with tensorflow, it’s a lot more intuitive than you’d think


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You’re looking at this wrong. The only nice jobs we’ll have are the ones that work on enabling other people with AI. After all this is the next generation of computing, everyone gets disrupted, but this process is incredibly cruel. When cloud computing became more popular a lot of people got fired from companies that moved their entire infrastructure on the cloud. Where are they now? Working in the bustling cloud industry in one way or another, suddenly getting a website running isn’t that hard anymore.

Look at it for it is and not what people tell you it is. Your computer, a tool, just got a very powerful update for you. You can choose to give up or make AI your bitch to create whatever kind of art you want. Remember Art doesn’t need to be 2d.