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Organic, grass fed? How many words they gonna give you before you realize they’re all buzz words to grab your attention. The best you’re gonna get it but regular groceries and cooking it yourself. You save money and know what’s in your food. Oh wait, you wanna look ‘cool’ 🤣


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There is a right way and a wrong way. Are homeless shelters the only place you’ve looked? He could just as easily be in a sober living home that you are unaware of which would make sense because he was going to court for a possession charge. And yes his warrant is for missing court over that possession so he does have a warrant for possession. All you will achieve by this is throw homeless people in harms way. You want to know why those homeless camps can be dangerous? Because their tired of people like who who don’t care what the police do, as long as we get our fucking way right? You’re what is wrong with society. I have no issues with you seeking out family but those locations should never just be out on a public post. As well as careful visiting the camps posted here. I’ll PM some basic spots for you but they stay between us alright? Imma also give you a number for a local sober living office so you can call them and ask if maybe they have seen him.


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So after a casenet search he isn’t arrested but does have a warrant for a possession from this year. Case was filed 07/22. Given that bit it is probably less likely for him to risk staying in a homeless camp and more likely for him to be staying with a friend or friends. I understand you wish to find your brother but the police are on Reddit believe it or not so this post maybe help you however it is detrimental to those staying in the camps. These camps are kept secret for the simple fact that if anyone from the city knows where they are, they’ll be run off and their property destroyed. It’s not easy for the homeless to replace things like sleeping bag, tents, ect, so why make a post asking for the information publicly. I’ve personally dealt with Springfield’s finest in one of the old camps so seeing a post like this makes me sick to my stomach.