nitebear t1_j64bzl0 wrote

I think nothing in particular will change for awhile when we reach the singularity. There will be massive amounts of news worthy breakthroughs happening faster and faster, however, humans are very adaptive to change. As such I suspect all this extra "noise" will be filtered out and we'll ignore what once were great breakthroughs and only care about the top .001% of breakthroughs. Instead of, "New research shows breakthrough that can reverse aging", we'll see, "CVS to sell anti aging pill next season".

Government jobs around creating legislation are going to be the most important jobs that exists and the only limiting factor for awhile. For example, we'll have the tech to easily and quickly deliver food with drones, but it will be limited by government regulations on how loud the drones can be, were they can or cannot fly, and all the little details that no one cares about until they're production ready.

Another limiting factor for new tech is that humans generally tend to prefer their habits and move slowly in terms of consuming products, I know it sounds counterintuitive but let me explain. How many people would be ok with having to get a new PlayStation shipped to them every week? every month? what about every year? People already hate switching oses even if they are not necessarily avoiding them for privacy reasons.

In the most ideal scenario things just get better without anyone noticing. The air gets cleaner, the water taste better, there more grass, plants, trees outside. You notice you just feel better even after eating 2 big macs because it's be chemically changed to be healthier. You get help when you need it and fast. If you had a traumatic experience you go to the doctor and they fix your mental health that day.

Essentially everything is the same just better and that easement of suffering makes your interactions with others much nicer.

As far as when it will happen, I don't know but 10 years does not seem far off. Specifically because I am personally noticing so many breakthroughs already happening at a faster rate than I've experience before. The news isn't all doom and gloom anymore, it's about 97% doom and 3% hope a big up from 1% hope from before.