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I'm sure state actors can hack a breadth of devices to achieve such a goal, was just meaning to point out that while cyberattacks tend to be highly scalable, there's enough variation across devices like this that you still need to be moderately lucky and put in some serious work hours to be able to pull this off. It's definitely not a "they just go an' haxx all devices in der" type deal, and it's needlessly alarmist to claim so.

There's also a number of other imaging techniques they can reach for. You mentioned infrared, but they can even use something like WiFi to image behind a wall. All much more circumstance-agnostic and cheap than having to build and maintain an assortment of exploit chains merely for use on a short-notice for echolocation.

If any group has such capabilities developed, they almost certainly use it much more practically (such as for surveillance). And those exploit chains won't be developed by "MIT scientists" who can certainly find a better way to spend their valuable time.


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Did you grasp the conversation above?

They implied Fairphone is ending software support for the device because of corporate greed borne planned obsolescence. I reminded them that upkeep has costs: Fairphone wasn't charging for their software updates, so (since upkeep has costs) they'd eventually run out of money to blow on it, even if they were a saint and a non-profit.

This is even ignoring how the costs of said upkeep is not a constant or even a linearly increasing curve, but an exponentially surmounting one, since you keep losing the levels of support from earlier and earlier on in your software supply chain (see the article).

Neither the production of outdated and specialized hardware, nor the indefinite maintenance of specialized software is economically sound. This is why standardization and reuse driven design is key, otherwise you get people screaming muh capitalism and related circlejerk. And even then there are limits, which humanity tends to ignore using the famous "double down" and "looking away" strategies.


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As far as any scientific notions of intelligence go, everything you claim is just flat out bollocks. There's nothing magical about intelligence, you're doing yourself and others disservice by deifying it needlessly and without reason.


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> You're allowed to express your opinion but there's no need to be a dick about jfc. You ever heard of the word "ignore"? Especially if you can say that it's not causing problems, then you're literally just going out of your way to say your opinion and be mean about it.

No, I didn't. I didn't bring up religion until you and the other person pressed on, I didn't elaborate on my opinion until I was explicitly asked to, and if you think

> I'm just glad I'm not an ass about it when I do

you're not only being dishonest to me, but to yourself as well.

> I can't imagine ignoring something you don't like takes more energy then to go out of your way to be mean about it

Considering I didn't go out of my way, and the extent I "didn't like this thing" was quite severe, yes, it would have absolutely been more effort. By your logic, you could have "just ignored" what I wrote, I would have been justified telling you to "just go away", and it would have apparently been far easier for you to do so than typing out two massive comments about how miserable you find me.

The absolute hypocrisy you're putting on display is incredible. Go do some soul searching before picking fights with people who you're absolutely in no way superior to, thank you very much.