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"Hidden Gems": Moon, The Nice Guys, King Arthur (Guy Ritchie), Edge of Tomorrow, Event Horizon, etc.

Posting horribly racist and sexist comments when a movie that has anyone but white men in it.

Any movie that is weird, outside of the norm, or an indie film gets barely any comments or traction, and you have users in comments going: "looks boring", "who cares"


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Okay, we don’t care, I think the John Wick movies are pretty overrated but people like them so I don’t give a shit. Stop complaining about what other people like, it is just embarrassing


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Yeah I wasn't a big fan either, to me it felt like a bunch of better movies crammed into one. I did find it ironic they were clearly inspired by Stephen Chow movies, and then right after I watched All For the Winner (1990) and found myself laughing hysterically and enjoying that much more


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Yes, and I think it feels way longer than it should. I know everyone loves this movie, but I genuinely think you trim 20-30 minutes off of it , I would probably love it not just like it. Pacing is a big part of how much a movie can work, and the pacing in this was too stretched and not as tight as it should have been


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I am starting to think people are posting bad posts on purpose, it does annoy me though how almost every post is terrible garbage, or it is just another "le hidden gem" post that is usually Event Horizon or Moon. You'd think a giant sub like this could maybe get interesting post, but goddamn. Also, how many times can we get a "what's a movie you like but everyone hates?" post because jeezus christ it happens every 12 hours


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Honestly now that I look back on it, I don't really remember her that much. Definitely side performances stand out more than her. Hell Minnie Driver AND Julianne Moore are way more captivating and give more emotional performances than Basinger does. Basinger is a fine actress, but c'mon now, Driver in that scene where she asks him to come to California with her, and Moore in those divorce proceedings. You can't beat those performances, or I guess you can


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Because subtitles are better, and dubs are awkward. With subtitles you actually get the original performance, which is why I turn off any old Italian movie when they do shitty dubbing, and when I actually can hear and see the original performances with subtitles I am on board.

Edit: If we are talking about anime in particular, I still prefer the subtitles


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reminds me of a movie that I didn't love, but the ending was so damn perfect, where instead of showing a character committing suicide in his car in the garage, all we hear is the sound of his car horn not turning off. with the use of sound, and character reactions, we know that by running the car in his garage his head rests on the horn because he has killed himself. I feel like it is more shocking when you don't see a suicide, and only hear the sounds, and the character's reaction to the aftermath