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In terms of tools that work essentially forces us to use Teams isn't actually all that bad and they've made a lot of progress since the time when Zoom became mainstream and pretty much every competing video chat was embarrassingly antiquated in comparison. Although frankly it's kind of sad it took Microsoft so longto up their game when they've owned Skype since 2011. If they had properly grown out Skype since they took ownership Zoom wouldn't be a Nasdaq listed company at this point.


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Many EU countries essentially built their grids with Russian natural operating as its backbone. Getting off Russian gas is looking more and more a certainty than a year ago when it was viewed as just theoretical. But that doesn't mean it hasn't come as a huge cost. Importing natural gas from the Middle East and North America or maximizing European sources (Norway and Scotland among others) comes with increased costs. Also getting more natural gas from overseas require additional LNG terminals and that is all being paid for by European utility customers.

Renewables also are very top heavy when it comes to their costs. The initial act of buying and installing them and updating the grid to handle their energy production is a big up front cost. The long run savings come after because wind and solar with facilities with routine maintenance can reliably provide several decades of electricity generation while needing smaller crews to maintain them. Other power facilities such as NG, coal and especially nuclear need large, very highly trained crews at all times for successful operation.


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The NFL app must be in competition with MLB TV in just how poorly you can treat people who just want to watch their local team through streaming. MLB TV impressively blacks out no less than 6 teams (1/5 of MLB teams) in because they believe they should subscribe to cable or incentise people to actually go and see their local team. Even if someone is hundreds of miles away from the nearest MLB stadium..