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Here is the ACLU press release from when they filed the suit. As far as I can tell they are not even seeking $ just asking Central Bucks to knock off the bs. The board wants to pay Duane Morris and McSwain $1 million instead.


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It is absolutely worth it. Limited tort/verbal threshold is very hard to overcome. If someone slams into you causing chronic back pain and sleepless nights, but no breaks or tears, you will have an uphill fight to try to get compensated for your pain and suffering.

Full tort and underinsured motorist coverage are always worth it since they protect you.


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For those who don't know how the PA prison system works, any sentence over 23 months has to be served in state prison. A sentence of 11 and 1/2 to 23 months is the most you can get while staying in county jail. Anything higher and he would be shipped out to the state correctional facility.


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Umm... Thanks but after last year we will not be going back. Multiple displays were out and those that were lit were no different than a few years before. There was also way too much of an emphasis on trying to get people to buy food and drink, and from your description it sounds like that's the push again this year. Maybe y'all should figure out if you're making a beer garden or a festive family display.