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Realistically, the majority of kids in the state (or country) do not walk to school. Most don’t even walk to a dedicated bus stop which is why it takes 18 years to get to work if you don’t time your commute perfectly in the winter and you don’t live in a city.

Second, there are going to be pros and cons to every decision (including keeping things the same). In the days after we lose the hour of sleep, statistically speaking, you have a greater chance to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than at any other time of year. There are also other things to consider such as seasonal affective disorder which affects millions of Americans annually and may be significantly mitigated by having more daylight hours in the winter.


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Too many people don’t understand what an altered mental state is. Even less understand what psychosis is and what it entails. Too many people are acting like the person who committed this atrocity is the same person who loved and cared for these kids every day. It may have been the same person physically but it certainly was not the same person mentally and her husband even acknowledges this. Everything about this situation is devastating to all parties involved but demonizing the mother for something that she had no control over helps nobody.

It’s clear to tell when someone doesn’t understand mental health issues when they say “well why doesn’t mass shooter X get sympathy for mental illness?” Not every mental health disorder is created equal and the vast majority of them do not cause complete breaks from reality. Lumping a diagnosis like psychosis with something like sociopathy or bipolar is completely unfair, but some can’t understand that “black and white” does not exist with issues like this. Good vs evil is not the argument here no matter how many people try to say it is.