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Your question is far too vague. It really depends on what is important to the individual, right? We lived in Vernon for years. We now live in what this sub would agree is a much nicer town, but most days I would still choose Vernon. I miss the larger town with a more middle class population, over these “keeping up with the Jones” exurbs.


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There’s been a lot of similar posts in r/Connecticut. I’d recommend a search there to get advice on local communities and their strengths/weaknesses.

tldr…check out West Hartford, Glastonbury, South Windsor and surrounding towns for “have it all” communities. If their prices are out of budget, check out Rocky Hill, Vernon, and some others. These other towns are more my speed in terms of having a more relaxed vibe.


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Some other good options if you enjoy local cheap sports entertainment: Connecticut Sun (WNBA), Wolf Pack (hockey minors), Yard Goats (baseball minors), Hartford Athletic (soccer).


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I’m more optimistic than some of the other posters. For the last 5 years I’ve had to do office visits to both Boston and NYC. it’s not as often for me as you describe, but it’s doable and still a lot cheaper than the cost of living in either city. We’re in the South Windsor area. There’s no good train option for Boston, but if I leave early enough I can consistently make it in less than two hours driving. Yeah there’s days where it becomes 3, but usually only if I get a later start. For NYC, I’ll either take Amtrak from Hartford or Windsor, or drive down to New Haven and take Metro North. Either total trip is about 3 hours.


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Where’s the East of the river options? 🙂 also check out Glastonbury or South Windsor for that price range, or nearby smaller towns.

For what it’s worth, even the more conservative parts of CT can be good places to live. We moved into a small farm town where there’s plenty of conservative influence, but I still feel connected to the “blue” identity in small CT, and have been able to easily find other progressive friends in the area.