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Ironically you're probably more safe as a pedestrian in Brockton given that the pedestrians there are more likely to just randomly walk into the middle of the road with no regard for traffic or the placement of crosswalks. I feel more nervous as a driver in Brockton assuming that someone is going to just suddenly decide "I need to be on that side of the road now."

Source: Lived in Brockton for 20 years.


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Sometimes local news agencies will call the local police department and just ask "hey, anything happening?" It's possible the person called the police but then called them back to say "oh nm, the Home Depot workers found and returned it."

I used to do a lot of work for local municipalities, and on multiple occasions I'd be in the police dispatch area when someone from the local news would call and ask if there's any news.

But it's more likely what champ19nz said.


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I once told someone who was a good friend that, after he started dating a girl, we all missed him since he was never around anymore and was just with his girl. He took it wrong, and has been angry with me since. Regardless of the conversation being about a group and just coming from me.

He still hasn't let it go. It was 15 years ago.