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Get something with Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate as an active ingredient. If it is mold or mildew this will take care of it. Mix it according to label for a 15% solution. Spray on spot just to moisten. Let dry, repeat once. Walk away, enjoy life.

It is a form of Borax, very stable and has a very low toxicity.

Oral LD50 is 2500 in Rats. .. .. .. Aspirin is 200.

I could not get pic to load.


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Recirculating pump and you have a tankless water heater? .. .. .. Yea, NO.

You don't have hot water to recirculate. If you recirculate enough water to turn the heater on then you are heating water 24 hours a day in pipes that are not even insulated.

Smaller point use heaters are your only real option. I guess you could put small (tanked) water heater in bath and kitchen, but that kinda defeats the hole thing.


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Wasn't it called an astro-tracker? Locked on to several stars simultaneously (all stars are motionless relative to each other).

I had to use a Periscopic Sextant. Manually calculate the assumed position of a body Observe the true position and plot fix on chart.

I even wrote a small program to calculate positions of stars, sun, moon, and planets. It fit on my Radio Shack PS1 with 1.8k of memory. I was in High Cotton.

Wish I had a Astro-Tracker.