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If you decide to try this yourself, let me give you one piece of advice. Every diff I've seen has a fill hole and a drain hole. Make sure you can open the fill hole before you open the drain hole.

You do NOT want to find out that you can't open the fill hole AFTER you've drained the diff.

Edit to add: It's an easy job and you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but good lord used diff oil stinks like you won't believe.


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I'll repeat what others have said: It varies.

I've lived off Market north of Grand for 13 years. It has gotten better, but it's definitely nowhere close to "good". Random people walk down the street - in the street, rarely on the sidewalk - poking through trash dumpsters or trying to bum cigarettes. Things have been stolen from my porch, everything from chairs to houseplants... but those stopped once I installed a motion-sensing light.


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I've got a couple of greasy spoons for you: Taylor's across from the Mosque (it's cash only) and College Street Cafe on College just west of Kansas Expressway. The downside is they've got limited hours. Taylor's is only open 11-2 M-F and the Cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch Mon-Sat.


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>Elon is a fucking idiot

I don't know anything about electric cars or rockets, so I took for granted that he knew more than me about them.

But I do know something about software, and seeing what he's doing to Twitter makes me want to stay away from his cars and rockets... or anything he's involved in.


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As a person that lives downtown west of Campbell, I'd suggest that you try not to live much further west than South Street. You will probably also need some warm clothes; the high tomorrow, for example, will be 14C.

The transit system used to be my only mode of transportation. I think a monthly bus pass for students is less than $25USD. It is okay once you understand that it can take two hours to get across town.

There is a free shuttle system called The Bear Line that has various routes downtown. See for more info. Looks like they have a smartphone app for it as well.