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“Microsoft said that Bing data is protected by stripping personal information from it and that only certain employees could access the chats.”

If they’re trying to understand how interactions influence the output, it makes sense that they would study the interactions. I don’t think most people would object to this if they believe all identity and personal information have been removed. Of course they should also be more transparent about what they ARE keeping related to identity and whether someone identity could be constructed from the data they’ve retained.


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Most people spend to their income, so when their income increases, so does their spending. This isn’t a very WSB thing to post, but your best chance of accumulating millions in wealth comes from keeping spend well below income, not rolling the dice on some pump and dump you heard about from the wife’s boyfriend.


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I’ve heard some crazy stories about Shinola service. There are a lot of similar Indy brands that use third party movements and price at the low end of the luxury market. I think most people expect a $1500 watch to make it through the warranty period and remain serviceable for years beyond that.

Even the most expensive automatic watches eventually need servicing - if they can’t do that I’d say definitely not BIFL.


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Negative experiments can be really useful because they can highlight the inflection point beyond which users are negatively impacted and begin changing behaviors. 10-15 years ago tech companies did a few crappy surveys, made a bunch of guesses and hoped users liked it.

Of course Reddit assumes the worst and that Facebook doesn’t care but guess what users can’t do with a dead battery - use Facebook.


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I’m not a pro or anything but I have a Zwilling V-Edge Pro that works well with my Henckels. It’s very simple to use and hard to screw up. It’s supposed to work with Japanese and Western knives but I think you need adapters for the rods when sharpening Japanese knives. It comes with 4 ceramic rods - 2 fine and 2 coarse. The rods can be rotated so you can use all four sides and make them last awhile. I use it maybe once or twice a month. Still looks and works great after ~5 years and have yet to rotate the rods.