nonametrans t1_j5j0g6y wrote

That 70 series nvidia card that's keeping you going for ages is fine, but you upgrade to a 80 or 90 series card. Then you justify that purchase by upgrading your perfectly good 1440p monitor with a 4k one.

Or you've always been getting a Toyota Corolla for years. It's done you and your family good, average fuel costs, low maintenance costs. But then all of a sudden you wanna get an Audi A8 cuz you think your higher paycheck can support it.

The argument is, why get all these purchases and upgrades if you've been okay with what you had previously? Sure, buy some luxuries to treat yourself once in a while. But most people can't stop themselves. That Audi A8 then becomes a Mercedes S class. That average coffee machine becomes a $2500 barista eventually outspend your means and have little savings for retirement.