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Not just protests. The Belarus Army is far worse equipped and less experienced than the Russian army was at the start of the war.

The better equipped and more loyal / trustworthy troops are what keeps Luka in power. Can’t afford to lose them.

The less well-equipped troops are of dubious loyalty and motivation and might even defect. Can’t afford to risk that happening.

What they can do is periodically move troops around and make blustery noises and force Ukraine to keep some troops in the North just in case. That’s basically free. So they keep doing that.


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My hot take: just ban the delivery apps. Things were fine when you had to pick up the phone and call a place that’s actually in your neighborhood.

Since that’s never gonna happen, at least ban the gross gamification algorithms that force the delivery guys to ride like daredevils or risk being demoted and kicked from being able to work.


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Come on, no sane person would read this headline and reach this conclusion.

Describing the vehicles involved in a collision is standard because you generally don’t know the identity of the driver(s) immediately and saying the “driver of a red SUV struck the driver of a blue Mazda” is slightly wordier. It’s not some conspiracy.

Honestly, quibbling about headline word choice when a bunch of people are injured and possibly fighting for their lives is just super gross


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True, but this is less of a hot button issue on Fox News, where the rightwing grievances are developed before eventually becoming SCOTUS law.

Like we’re not talking about domestic violence abusers being denied guns or tech companies banning hate speech on their privately owned platforms, so I don’t think this will really get Alito’s juices flowing. We’ll see though.


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Yeah you could easily view this as good, actually—evidence that wrongful convictions from decades ago are being reviewed, overturned, and the victims compensated (too little, too late perhaps, but better than the alternative).

It certainly isn’t evidence that cops today are more violent or abusive than they were last year.

But that would require reading more than just the headline, I guess.


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> he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation

Yeah… a year is about a reasonable estimate for a somewhat complex investigation into his finances. If the stars align we could be looking at a perp walk on corruption/financial crimes at just about the time the 2024 cycle is heating up.

Hence the local GOP wanting him out ASAP.