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There's also T mobile internet for $50.00 a month, everything included. Think it works well in most of NH. That's another bargaining chip. But yes, threaten to cancel tell them you will be going with T Mobile and they will give you a better deal


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It was a major factor in deciding to move there lol. Wife had offers in Montana and New Mexico too but Idaho was the least cultural shock so to speak


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Wife is making me leave NH to move out to Idaho. She's not really making me lol but there was a career opportunity that came up that she just couldn't pass on

We both love NH, just wish that it was easier to settle down here

She looked for career opportunities here but they just couldn't compare to what out west was offering. Sad because NH is in dire need of Healthcare workers but they are doing nothing to entice workers to come, I mean the Dartmouth name only goes so far, it's why nurses and physicians are leaving everyday

We will be back to NH though

I'm going to miss the White Mountains the most, get depressed about leaving them


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You may not be able to say but the landlord did say I can go month to month if he doesn't sell the condo by March 1st but that he can't guarantee how long I will be able to stay (I told him I'm moving across country in June)

What I'm worried about is if he sells but the sell falls through because I refuse to move out because my wife and I have no where to go, can the landlord sue us for the sale not going through?


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I found a diesel heater once new in an open box, there was a tag that the customer returned it because it wouldn't ignite, threw an ignitor in and worked like a charm, over a year later and my dad is still using it in his shop

Also found a window unit AC, still in wrapped plastic, I believe it was returned and thrown out because it didn't come with the remote, again over a year and my dad is still using that in his shop, you just have to walk up to it to turn it on and off lol