nospamkhanman t1_j9xedx5 wrote

When my youngest was like 2 1/2 I put him down for a nap. I checked on him like an hour later and he wasn't there.

I went ask over the house yelling and screaming. It's not like he could have left the house on his own because the front door is bolted, the sliding glass door has a blocker thing up high and the garage door is noisy as hell.

We had looked all around the house for 20 minutes and my wife was literally on the phone with 911 when I found him.

He had crawled under his bed, created a wall of toys around him then fell asleep.

I didn't see him when I looked under the bed because of the toys.

He definitely heard me screaming for him but he stayed quiet because he thought I was mad or something.


nospamkhanman t1_izeucli wrote

> sounds cool though to me that wireless Internet could be provided to entire offices or homes through adapted glass windows.

For one, night exists.

The other thing is, it's probably more efficient for the windows to just convert the solar energy directly to electricity and power tiny wireless access points.