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Ahhh you were across the street from Yale. Which is like, 90% of the city.

Edit: checks on Popeye location and OP was on corner of whalley and goffe. Just a couple blocks away from where they needed to be


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So if you had to move in with him you should have been making moves for your own spot from second one and not relied on him for anything. Must be nice to be "homeless" yet fly over seas for holidays... "Hey family, I'm f'n homeless, can I get a deposit on a place instead of 2 plane tickets?" Or if you bought the plane tickets then you should have known better.

These are dumb decisions. I am judging. I'm a single mom. Get it together it's about your child, not you. Keeping my child safe and housed is priority one, I didn't date or have sex for 4 years after her father left. Don't tell me whose life is easier, I just put my kid first. You probably got an iphone too. Just dumb.

Edit: also.... How to keep my 3 year old busy in a car we live in.... Why? Would the bored 3 year old ruin your good time? Yes. The entertainment of the 3 year old is what's important here. Stupid.


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This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Living in a car will default child to "abusive" dad immediately. Get your shit together, stop worrying about dating, and provide a stable life for your child. Your run out of one man's arms into another.

Not to mention the kid has a passport in your possession and left the country with you legally. Don't make stupid excuses for sympathy.

Also: your biggest concern is keeping the child entertained in a car... But the ex is giving back the car


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Thanks for the disclaimer. Better personal relationships, healthy additude. The drs don't care because you have to be monitored on these meds and they charge for that med review and maintenance. There is no need for Adderall. It took me getting off of it to realize that. Good luck! Just my experience... Your life is in a loop on it