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It’s all perception. Eat well. Drink water. Believe in yourself.

I have a friend that will literally go a whole week without sleeping (which I personally do not have the mental fortitude for).

There are plenty of people that will do a two hour meditation and not sleep but be fully functional.

The fact of the matter is that you have followed a set schedule of sleep/wake with the rising and setting of the sun. These people have broken that cycle. Not saying that it is easy, but it is all in your head.


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Honestly, I posted a heartfelt LPT that really helps me in my day to day and it didn’t get ANY interaction, so I posted this as a joke to see what was up and like everyone saw it so idk what’s up... maybe I’ll delete my original one and repost in the morning with a different flair.


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Listen, the next person’s experience is the next person’s experience. You have control over two things in this life 1. Yourself 2. Your vehicle (think of this as an ambiguous term, a variable, x). Period.

Just because you plow a field doesn’t guarantee plentiful harvest and starving artists die. The source of true power is relinquishing the illusion of control.

The reality of the situation is no matter how hard you try, you can not fix anything at all for other people. They have to fix their own problems and they have to WANT to fix their own problems. You can give someone everything in the world until you have nothing and they will still squander it.

Most people just do not care. They want an easy life, they have no standards, they cut corners, and they are not willing to put the work in to better themselves and their lives. The simple fact is that they just don’t want to.

No matter how hard you try, you do not have the energy required to win everyone’s battles for them. Everyone has wonderful opportunities in front of them every single day, but they don’t see them because they have no goals and they are not striving for anything other than the bare minimum. You cannot and will not ever fix this.

If you people do you wrong, if a business does you wrong, if you aren’t satisfied, GET AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN. Better yourself. That is all you can do. People literally die at the hands of their poor choices.

The ONLY thing that you can realistically hope for that you can do for others to change their lives is inspire them to do better.

What you said sounds great. It probably felt great to say it, and that is good. The unfortunate truth is that it doesn’t actually work. We don’t have control over others ever. No matter what.

You gotta let people do what they want to do because people are going to do what they want to.


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Nah. No one person can change anything. If you get too powerful, you will be taken care of. Just use your discretion when choosing what you will do and who with. If someone does you wrong. Let them have that and never associate with them again. A job doesn’t do you right? Leave and do better. You should never be so comfortable that you won’t leave. Always a better opportunity. Become a great judge of character. Be shrewd. Develop your character.