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It's scary with several large earthquakes worldwide lately. I hope that it isn't because too much pressure is building up and an earthquake in one place increases the pressure in another.

I live in Southern California and we've been expecting the big one for years.

Prayers to all those affected with Syria and Turkey still in a terrible state and now Tajikistan.


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I agree completely. We saw what hoarding caused during the pandemic, but at least most people could find substitutes for what they needed. Feeding a baby is different.

People tried to talk to the guy that was stocking up, telling him that there wasn't enough formula to feed babies now and going to all the stores to get formula for a baby that might show up in the future was depriving babies that needed it in the present.

You have my sympathy and I hope this problem improves quickly.


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So sorry you are going through this when you should be carefree and enjoying a new baby.

It doesn't help that some people are searching stores and buying it in case someone needs it. We had a man in my town buying up a stock of it and talking to stores about when it might come in. He had good intentions, storing it for homeless families. However some mentioned that since there were no babies at his shelter then he should not be adding the the problem of taking it off the shelves just in case.


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You have been honest with your husband and told him from the start that you don't want children. So that's good for you. He cannot say that he didn't know that.

Rather than concentrating on all the reasons you don't want kids I would emphasize the benefits of not having them. You can mention having more disposible income, traveling, enjoying hobbies, etc.

Let him know that if he wants to be around children you will look for some kids of friends or neighbors and you can all go camping for the weekend. That might cure his itch.


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Good point. Years ago we had a big flood in my city and a woman tried to cross the flooded stream which is usually dry carry her 2-year-old. She was going to the store to get cigarettes of all things. The water knocked her over and she couldn't hold onto her son. She made it to dry land, but her son was swept away. So sad and she lost her child for nothing except not realizing the power of flowing water.


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KTLA news -

"The Doan family drove the same route Sunday to a truck stop on Highway 101, splashing through the waters without incident.

When Doan approached Monday in light rain, there were no road closures and she didn’t think it looked any different from the day before.

“But as soon as I hit the bottom, my car started to drift and I realized that it wasn’t the same,” she said. “It was completely different.”


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The news said a rural road with floodwater covering the low part. Her car got stuck in the water, she removed her boy from his carseat because she was afraid the car would be washed away. It was and the water swept him from her grasp.

Sadly it happens frequently in California because of flash floods that come suddenly and block roads. People think that they can get across the water and then get stalled, the water rises and if not rescued, away they go with the car.

The last one here was 4 women going out for a Saturday night card game with friends. Their SUV stalled and was washed away. They found it the next day and later their bodies.

It's not "nice" to say the truth, but it is vital that people heed the warnings we get before every storm about not entering water on a road. Every year the swift water rescue team has to risk their lives saving people that think it is safe.


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It's a terrible tragedy but should have been preventable. In California we are constantly told not to enter floodwater on low points in roads. Yet every year, scores of people do it because they think it is shallow enough to get through.

And every year people get stuck in the middle and first responders or ordinary citizens have to risk their lives to rescue them which is the best outcome. Sometimes they get washed away and drown.

RIP, little one.