nouserforoldmen t1_javg4a7 wrote

Never. The Tories obviously ruined the UK recently.

As a hopelessly uninformed American, I have seen all I need to see. Nuance is for weak men who poor the milk before the hot water. The day in 1979, when Thatcher took office is a day that will live in infamy eternal.

Boris Johnson was clearly part of the whole thing. Everything would have been different, if only Labour was in power. (People everywhere would stop othering their fellow human being, if only the other wasn’t empowered).


nouserforoldmen t1_j9e0akl wrote

Eh. I’m EE adjacent, but have run into some young people who do need to be corrected when they want to run a ~100MHz digital signal across a bread board.

People should have rough, order-of-magnitude, notions of when the magic and the deep-magic start.

That said, the top poster may have some confidence issues that caused them to boast on a random message board.