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No. From the description:

> For professional technicians only. All iPhones 11 forward will show non genuine screen message after changing display.

It’ll have the same issue. I’m pretty sure the only way to get faceid working properly again is to take to apple of an apple authorized repair shop


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Reply to comment by tunkor in ProMotion not always 120 Hz by tunkor

Apple cares more about battery efficiency than a consistent 120hz refresh rate. Which is why it is more aggressive on iPhone than iPad when it comes to varying frame rates.


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It’s ProMotion not 120hz. The whole point of ProMotion is to be adaptive with the content on the screen. It’s not a 120hz locked frame rate. For third party apps they have to support the higher frame rate on their end or the phone won’t use the highest frame rate in the app.


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The freezer is generally a lot colder than outdoor temps even in the winter and amount of water in the lake is significantly greater than what you’re going to freeze in a freezer.

Also water in a freezer is being cooled on all sides. A lake is only freezing because of cold air over the water. There’s no cold air around or below the water


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No. That feature is required by law and cannot be disabled. They’re not legally allowed to make it disableable.

All cell phones are required by law to be able to make emergency calls