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Quite a lot (around 200) of cities in the EU already legally prohibit sufficiently polluting vehicles from driving inside them. Meaning older more polluting cars wouldn't be able to enter them anyway. They can just update those to only allow electric cars.


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They are basically in a personal union, a single monarch of a single dynasty holding multiple hereditary kingdom titles. So there's Crown of United Kingdom, Crown of Canada, Crown of Australia, Crown of New Zealand and all the others and a single person of a single house (Windsor, formerly Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) holds all of them in hereditary fashion.


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> She was elected in the same manner as any other prime minister.

That's not true. Normal process in the UK is for the public to elect MPs and then those MPs elect a prime minister; what happened with Liz Truss was that the Conservative party members (~200,000 people total) and very specifically not the MPs elected the prime minister directly. Truss actually got minority of support of Conservative MPs in parliament (IIRC only a quarter of MPs actually supported her).