nthomas504 t1_jd01xto wrote

I have plenty of family who’ve done shit like this. I would be sad if they died, but I can’t really blame the cops, I already know they be on that bullshit.

We talk about cops being violent when pulling people over, so why would it been any less dangerous if you become a target that they are attempting to arrest. Kid was walking into a hornets nest, fell asleep by it, then unfortunately got stung.


nthomas504 t1_jczk4fi wrote

You missed the important detail that he’s stolen said vehicle. If you are dumb enough to fall asleep in a stolen car and then try to flee, you deserve whatever happens.

Like I said, the cops can always be less violent and improve. But I don’t have any sympathy for those who wrong others, stupid enough to get caught, then put an officers life in danger. I’m said he lost his life needlessly, but im more made at him than the cops.


nthomas504 t1_jcz3qim wrote

He stole a car, endangered a cops life, and attempted to flee.

He couldn’t have handled the situation worse. Could the cops have done better? Sure. But this notion that this kid didn’t deserve this is kinda wild. Any death is tragic in some way, but he put himself into this by committing a crime, then becoming violent with the police. At that point, he should have just turned himself in.

I don’t like the how policing is in this country, but this isn’t an example of why.


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I grew up in NW, not the worse area, but definitely places to avoid. I hate to see fellow young black Washingtonians getting caught up in the wrong crowd and committing unnecessary crimes that end up with them dead or in jail.

I don’t know how anyone can blame anyone but him for the result of this.