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I paid because it was easier than spending more money and time than I could afford going after them. While I lived there I was called out by the building inspector for having an empty 6 pack on my table, a mild risk he said... Meanwhile, my room was next to the non working elevator with a giant dead cockroach in the case where a fire extinguisher was supposed to be. There were live wires hanging from the ceiling of the basement, and the windows to the entryway were broken. They must bribe the city in other words, how else does this keep going on? I can't think of another reason.


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Do all this, but recognize not a fucking thing will happen. I lived in an alpha realty building in 2005, it had roaches, multiple water leaks resulting in the kitchen ceiling collapsing, spitting jet black mold covered concrete all over everything. They never fixed it and I ended up moving out 3 months early because I became extremely sick. When I moved in, there was trash and used needles ALL OVER THE PLACE. That was nearly 20 years ago, good to know nothing has changed.