nusodumi t1_j75ya9w wrote

You can turn it off when you are working out

By default it isn't turned on for fit, young people

They have very, very intricately designed mechanisms

After years and years of being Android (started Apple way back) I came back to Apple and was blown away by how fucking magical it all is

Software/hardware integration is unparalleled

The depth and thought of things like this feature, how you can choose to activate it and when, and how it had defaults based on age/activity/etc. - genius

Also saved a family member, elderly person fell and it called 911. They were able to say they'd be fine and no services needed, but it was a scare so the person stayed on the line with them. Amazing stuff.

*edit* realizing might be unrelated and about the newer crash detection features on some models of phone/watch/whatever it is, i was referring to fall detection