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Oh, That was back in 1994. I'm scheduled for a back surgery procedure next month due to all the abuse I took playing soccer.

Looks like that team would know some of the old players I used to play with from Hartford Bolognesi, Hartford Argentina, New Britain Stars, and Plantsville Brenna, and Meriden Inters.

Thats a great bunch of players in those photos.


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You'll probably get a disorderly charge for endangering others that help you.

One guy jumped off the boat I worked on "The Becky Thatcher" and didn't make it. I wasn't working the shift at that time but the CG ruled it a suicide. The Captain was quite distraught during the mornings briefing.

I know one guy that tried it from Harbor Park and was arrested and feature in the Middletown Press as an idiot.

One of my high school buddies jumped off the Camelot Boat and was arrested.


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Bait and switch Scam ?

We are happy you selected Constellation as your energy supplier and we've already notified your local utility that you have enrolled with us. They have advised us that they can't make the switch because there is an error or a question in our records.

Not to worry! It could be something as simple as a wrong address or incorrect spelling of your name.

If you call us right away at 855-465-1244, we can make the adjustment and get you on your way to becoming a Constellation customer.


Constellation Customer Care


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You are probably all good to go for Central CCSU. You can probaly also do another semester at a community college and still tranfer the credits to CCSU. I screwed up like you and still ended up with a 3.89 AVG in BMS at CCSU.


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It will be a great thing to do. Visit the Ivoryton Library; I believe they still have exhibits and in the back is the short Millrace Preserve with some history plaques also.


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