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>some weird chemically induced psychosis.

Leaded gasoline?

Predicted or hypothesized to be [partially] responsible for all kinds of things, such as a rise of violent crime and the prevalence of serial killers.


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>it’s not like I can adjust my day based on the quality of the air around me.

It's actually commonly done in parts of the world. I was occasionally wearing masks for more than a year before the pandemic.

And that's the solution. Reduce outdoor activity where possible (especially exercise), keep windows closed, and wear a mask if you must go out.


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Even if that were true, the virus would do bad things to your computer.

If the antivirus software were free (it wasn't back then), I'd rather have the antivirus software than the virus...


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"Your" is possessive. So by saying "Your human", it seems like you're talking about "my human" (since "my" is the possessive form of "me").

Of course I knew that you meant "you are" shortened to "you're", but that's why it was a joke, lol


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>blocking someone doesn't mean you lost the argument.

It does when you make one last comment about your point, and then block them so they can't reply to you!

I guess the "last word" people who were so used to always winning just can't handle meeting another "last word" person.

Or they want to make it look like the person they were arguing with couldn't refute their final point.


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I came here to say that no, this is a bad bit of financial advice.

I'm also surprised to see your source. The book itself has a LOT more detail going into it.

For example, it's easy to justify eating a $20 lunch because that's just 1 hour of work. So you can justify it every day because you're working 7.5 or 10 hours a day or whatever.

That's not how it works.

That $20, you pay taxes on it.

Then you have your mandatory expenses -- rent, utilities, food. Childcare. Healthcare and medications. There might be lots of mandatory things.

After removing all of that, you might be making $5 an hour from that $20/h that was in your contract.

THAT is the figure that you need to be using for these "This $X is worth Y of my time". Not your gross income!

Using your gross income really only works for a PT job in high school when you have no expenses. A lot of people hear or come up with this when they're in that position, but it doesn't hold water when you're an adult with living expenses.