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Realtors are also directly telling people looking for homes how much profit they can make using a house as a full time vacation rental.

I’m all for people who have a vacation home renting it out when they aren’t using it (basically the original idea of Airbnb), but this “buy a house to use as a private hotel” shit has got to go.


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In Woodstock the options are Pizza Chef (meh at best), Ramuntos in Bridgewater (10 minutes away, pretty solid), or go 20 minutes to West Leb for Ziggy’s or Lui Lui (both are good, just 2 different styles).

If you’re at Killington, the pizza station in the new lodge is really good. They make personal sizes to order in the big brick oven that you get to watch bake in just a few minutes. Sure it’s pricey (~$20 for a personal size), but with employee discount it’s not bad.


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How does it handle being in the freezer? I like to buy syrup by the gallon too, and I have the gallon bottle in a very old, poorly working mini fridge in the basement while keeping smaller bottles in the main fridge. I’m curious about the freezer storage idea.


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I’m just going by what’s in the article here, so if there’s more details than that I have no idea. But according to that article, it literally was just about filing paperwork to allow that deputy to work those cases. It doesn’t say anything about the deputy not having training on those types of cases. If its just a matter of sloppy paperwork as the article suggests, it’s definitely not good (because you can’t fuck these things up when people’s freedom is on the line) but I’m not about to crucify the guy over it. If it was the type of thing that should cost him his certification then the board is responsible for that, but they apparently saw it as a “take a class” thing instead. New guy definitely appears to be stepping over the line with how he’s approaching it.


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I thought it was going to be a lot worse than “let an under qualified deputy work cases he shouldn’t have”, and honestly it sounds more like it was a paperwork issue than anything else. If that is the worst thing he’s done then I wouldn’t see that as a “he needs to be replaced ASAP” type of thing.


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Contois tried to take leadership of the sheriff’s department well ahead of his Feb. 1 swearing in. Saying he was frustrated by what he called a lack of cooperation from Bohnyak, Contois penned an email to staff on Dec. 17 declaring he had “decided to take control.”

Contois has spent the last month in Arizona. He did not respond to requests for comment for this story, and it is unclear whether he is currently in the state.”

Knowing absolutely nothing about either the old or new sheriff, the new guy comes off like a real dick here. The whole “I decided to take control 1.5 months before my term starts” is absolutely tyrant-style behavior. I sure wouldn’t want to work for someone with that attitude.


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It’s kind of funny how the article describes the person who discovered it as a “Crimean amateur astronomer” to avoid taking sides on who that peninsula belongs to. I would have expected NPR to say he was Ukrainian since they have a legitimate claim, although maybe the guy identifies as Russian and they didn’t want to say that.


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Good job being responsible and picking up the poop (no sarcasm intended here whatsoever). I’m always amazed by the people who don’t. Just this morning dropping off my kids at school I saw a turd left in the walkway in front of the elementary school here in Woodstock. What kind of savage leaves a shit in front of a school entrance for a kid to step in heading inside?


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“As the police chief, I mean, I certainly have reservations about sending an officer to a school with a student that's experiencing behavioral issues,” Doucette said. “Especially at 5 years old or 8 years old, because certainly we're not going to use force on a young student like that.”

This quote is kind of funny. It reads like the police chief doesn’t want to send officers to the school because he knows they won’t use force on the kids.