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That is your assumption. The real motivation, based on the actual actions taken is manyfold:

  1. Enforcing religious dogma. Often it's repressive, bigotted, and extremely unpopular.
  2. Silencing critics.
  3. Pushing their own views on other people. This one is the worst because it's used to force one's personal beliefs about what is acceptable for children on others.

There are many social mores and standards that I believe and accept are required to protect kids. Sexual Predation laws, for example, are things we can all agree are healthy and required.

Criminalizing Drag shows as somehow being a gateway to Sexual Predation, however, is a perfect example of "Think of the children" used to oppress a minority group.

We will disagree on what we believe is acceptable for minors. Where I draw the line on media (fantasy / sci fi violence vs real life simulated) may not be where you agree. That's ok. You do you. When you start forcing me to follow your rules or, worse, try to impose your rules on the whole population and use the "Think of the Children" trope to accomplish it...now you're seeing where I'm going.

And, to finish, do you not find it EXTREME hypocracy that the same political party that is frothing at the mouth to protect kids from "the gays" are the same ones enabling this horrific child labour scheme?


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Years? My dude/dudette, I'm worried that 2023 IS the year we go WWIII.

We have more incidents happening faster and faster. We don't know Putin's health status exactly but there's public intelligence that says he's dying of something. Bibi has a veeery hard line gov't and, if this was Israel, Iran will not sit idly by. I expect retaliation.

The inly real benefit to Canada and the US is that we have two massive oceans surrounding us so all of this doesn't bring feelings of impending doom.....yet.


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The sheer amount of science that went into mRNA before it ever even made it to the testing phase with the mind boggling amount of intelligent people who worked on it all says it's safe.

But yes; let's trust the "checks notes" random Facebook accounts who all start their thoughts with "I'm no scientist but..."

I'm gonna go with the pros on this one broseph. But you do you.


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Vaccination as a practice has been something we've been doing for over a century.

Virulent diseases like malaria and HIV were either innefective using the old methodology. mRNA methodologies are simply a different way of causing the exact same effect and have proven effective with these viruses.

Just because we've found a new variation on how to do it, it doesn't preclude THAT we've been doing it since Polio, if not earlier in ancient Egypt.


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I'm still in horrified awe at how something we've been doing for a century has become so hyper politicised, people would rather die.

Is that technically suicide at that point?