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Others have covered the answer quite well.

As a network engineer since the early 1980s, I'm actually a bit surprised that there are that MANY. I would have guessed about 100.

As far as movies being streamed. They are rarely streamed over an incredible distance. Most of the time they are hosted quite close. If you are in a major city, the source is in the same city as you.

There are entire businesses based on keeping content locally cached and they are funded by the content providers.


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according to academics, the biggest problem that humanity faces is that students will use technology to satisfy their work assignments.

AI will bring interesting challenges to society. but all we hear about is teachers worrying about plagiarism.

it's like the 1970s calculator crisis all over again. (there actually people advocating for regulating and licensing calculators)


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in response, they have decided to approve a clean up operation to get all that nasty coal out of there.

to ease the cleanup cost, the waste coal will be sold on the open market.

in the event the coal cleanup project turns a profit, excess funds will be returned to the investors who made the cleanup possible.


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Because they are paying big money to get airtime.

The MOST important thing that they are trying to accomplish is establishing name recognition. Nobody really remembers the rest of the commercial.

Why would they give more name recognition to their competitor for free?

(Name recognition. The effect that when you go to think of a product category, it's what pops into your mind first? Quick: think of an electric car company. Whatever you thought of - name recognition is why)


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let me tell you. they are connected to the internet. they are running XP. (they are connected to the same hospital network as everything else)

seen it in multiple hospitals with my own eyes.

furthermore. they cannot upgrade past XP or whatever they are running.

why? because if you change the software, then it's no longer FDA certified and cannot be used for patient care.

whatever software it was FDA certified on, is where it stays for the life of the machine.

the industry has been struggling with this for almost a decade now.


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well to be clear i'm not advising voting any particular way.

but i have noticed that in areas where red or blue has a solid guaranteed lock on the vote. the hard things never get done.

imo it's probably because the electorate gets taken for granted.


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i would have expected 90% plus for that segment.

18% is a slight reduction in the risk of death from covid for that segment

i mean hey - i'll take it. i did. but i thought it was far far more effective based on the messaging i've seen.


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AGI might not be here for a few decades. Maybe a few hundred years. Or never.

Mileage may vary. But I'm just going to work.

I figure I gotta work another 20. There's not lack of work in technology. So much so that a new trend for remote technology workers is to work two jobs (each paying $150k or so)