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>10% is easily handled through attrition over the course of one year and without the anxiety leading to wide-spread disruption. I'll never understand how terrible decision makers rise to the highest ranks of leadership.

I think it has to do with the psychology that people want to know they're having some sort of impact on a finished product or the operations of a business. Even if it's this kind of "trim the fat" decision that layoffs tend to entail.

As a content writer/strategist, I've seen so many stakeholders give edits to things they think has some sort of value when a lot of changes are really six of one, half a dozen of the other. People just want to feel like they're contributing something to the conversation, especially when their ego won't let them off the hook in that way.

Honestly, so much of middle management is such a joke. They sit in strategy meetings to pass information, as well as the buck to technicians and contributor-level employees. And for what? To put lipstick on a bacon balance sheet. It is what it is. So much of what we humans do is a waste of time. But then again it's all a waste of time.


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then what is the definition? more specifically, what is the experience? can you show it to me or another person? can you induce it experientially? what is it not? are you enlightened? do you have first hand experience? is it temporary or is it permanent?

who are you apart from your thoughts? do thoughts completely encapsulate or define reality as it is? is reality fixed or is it constantly changing? where exactly do these words you are reading, occur? on your phone? in your mind? where do your thoughts come from, what is their ultimate source? do you think your thoughts, do you decide what to think and what not to?

really investigate here. don't half ass this.


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When you meet the Buddha, kill the buddha. There are purportedly enlightened folks who have tons of casual sex with different people, some who take SSRIs and other meds, plenty who are still addicted to different drugs. It's not like issues on the level of form disappear when you become enlightened. Enlightenment does not mean you automatically become less of an asshole if you were before.


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If the cost of the drug is less than the cost of insulin, and it has been proven to offset or otherwise prevent long-term risks and complications, then it is worth it.You also have to consider what are the long term consequences of using a drug like this. Does it suppress or otherwise deactivate elements of the immune system? This is something about monoclonal antibodies that I'd be interested to know.

It would be interesting also to gather more long-term data on a drug like this.