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I believe the car simply cannot be under a loan, etc. so if you have a paid off shit box, you’re all set to drive uninsured. At least that was the case a decade ago when I couldn’t afford insurance


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Last year an underage driver without a license stole their parents car and drove into my house, destroying the porch and also side swiped our car right before also hitting and destroying a car with a pregnant woman inside. Police did nothing, kid had no consequences, we ate shit. Uninsured car/parents, the moment that made me realize why the fuck it is not required in this backwards state. I just felt like sharing that wholesome Manchester experience. Best you can do is deal with your own insurance, very hopefully you have it. Possibly a lawyer like others have said.


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Thanks for this info and absolutely fuck the money guzzling nature of the companies that give us our basic needs. Also wanted to request a reading because shit has hit the fan and with a $600 per month rent increase on top of utilities being absolutely insanely inflated, I have no idea how collectively people are surviving anymore.


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I can hook you up with an absurd heavy metal covers of thanksgiving songs playlist that will immediately make everyone stop fighting due to sheer confusion