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We love it, the principal's awesome, breakfast and lunch are free (so no having to pack!), and there are tons of amazing teachers who give 100% to engage the kids. Check out the school's Instagram and the PTA's Instagram to get more of a feel for what's going on around school. And above all, contact the office to schedule a tour. Walking around a school yourself is worth much more than anything you'll read online.

On a broader note, here's a long comment I wrote about RPS about two years ago, and I still stand by it. There are problems, absolutely. But there were problems in my Chesterfield County schools growing up too, and I grew up happy (what matters, imo) and what the world would consider "successful" too. Come be a part of the families in RPS who're showing up, supporting our schools, and helping to improve them for everyone.


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A+, u/rvasatxguy.

If anybody's genuinely curious about DogsBite and any of the other statistics, simply go to the site and follow the links to local news stories. See if you think they're all a hoax, or just regular local journalism about deaths in their communities. Follow up and send questions to them if you want to.


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Thank you, u/icecreamfist. You were the hero I needed today.

The entitlement is so strong in these people who want to put their preference / convenience over other human's and pet's ability to simply exist.

The worst part is that they still want to argue about it like it's up for debate, when it's the law and simply part of the social contract when you live in Richmond. If they don't like it, they should move somewhere that doesn't have leash laws.


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Mozart Festival @ all over Church Hill - Saturday 10am - 7pm

A day-long free music festival where many of Richmond’s finest classical musicians will provide a beautiful soundtrack to this historic Richmond neighborhood. Do we have lots of live music? Yes. Do we have informative events put on by experts? Yes. Do we have a family fun-filled afternoon? Yes, we do! Folks, we got it all!