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Rich people gotta go or play along. Make snow birds claim their main residency as VT to avoid getting slapped with a large tax (which would help fund public housing projects). Ban huge companies that are hoarding properties from operating in VT unless the business identifies VT as the state that they’re based out of. Tax the energy companies that spike the price of oil/gas in the winter. Create more public transport (buses, trains, and even sidewalks) so Vermonters don’t need to rely on a car. We have possibilities.


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Exactly, like if you’re interested in stone house architecture go to a museum or something. Vermonters also are becoming more militant towards leaf peeper types because they’re sick and tired of being disregarded and disrespectful by the people wanting nothing but pictures of their homes and yards.


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Because they’re too poor move duh. It’s why we have such empty food shelf centers and people on this sub constantly looking for cheaper fuel. Everything’s getting more expensive and the people that afford to live here are buy homes and live elsewhere 10/12s of the year.


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You shouldn’t move here if you’re expecting to thrive on a teachers salary in VT (excluding higher ed). We’ve all been making sacrifices here, but I wish you luck finding a good job.