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The problem is that once Foxwoods opened in CT and broke the Vegas/AC monopoly, it was more or less inevitable that everyone else was going to compete for that revenue and not lose it to other states.

The best we can do is keep the casinos in places that won't impair better development -- and I think we're okay on that front in Philadelphia -- and tax the shit out of it. And we do: "Total tax revenue generated collectively through all forms of gaming and fantasy contests was $188,976,155* during February 2023."

Obviously, they can be doing better on gambling addiction, especially given how much is spent to promote sports betting at this point, and probably should be more aggressive at banning people from gambling who ever pull shit like this.


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Here's the complaint. Remedy sought is not in any way seeking money damages:

>The students and families who are submitting this complaint would like USDOJ and/or U.S. Department of Education OCR to investigate the hostile environment at CBSD and the recent overtly discriminatory actions by the school board and upper administration, assert jurisdiction, order CBSD to take the measures recommended by the U.S. Department of Education for supporting transgender and other gender-nonconforming youth in school, https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/ed-factsheet-transgender-202106.pdf, order CBSD to implement mandatory training for staff, administration, and the school board on supporting LGBTQ+ youth, order CBSD to take any other actions necessary to eliminate the hostile environment for LGBTQ+ students, and order CBSD to rescind its discriminatory policies and directives.


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I agree that the National Museum of American Jewish History or any local synagogue (or campus Hillel) would be a good first step. Don't blow this opportunity; loudly sound the alarm.


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Our prior Convention Center, the Civic Center, occupied land that's now all CHOP/HUP property.

We need a large convention center because that's what fills our hotels and restaurants. And unlike other amenities (perhaps), it's one which really does need to be in Center City because that's where all the hotels and restaurants are.

Also, many of its events are not public-facing; it's trade groups and business associations. So, like, thousands of nurses or trial lawyers coming to town. It's a big deal.


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Looking at the Baltimore menu and not impressed. Very crab/shellfish-centered with few fish entree options, and you have got to be fucking kidding me with $66 crab cakes. It looks like McCormick and Schmicks with an even narrower menu, and while the quality and M&S was really poor the last time I ate there, nothng about Loch's excites me. If I want shellfish I'm going to Sansom Street ten times out of ten.

Bring me the second coming of Striped Bass, a place which had a lot of high-quality entrees with fresh fish from all over the world, and barely any non-seafood options at all. That would excite me.