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Nah, you're talking crazy 😁. I believe you, not where I'm from, though. But then again I don't speak for all NM (ok, maybe I was trying to) or for the rest of the country, so I shouldn't have said anything, maybe I was gatekeeping. But, I still think you're talking crazy 🤪.


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No, I'm saying we don't smother our burritos, we -my family, friends- stuff whatever we have inside. I'm not saying it's wrong, I've eaten some with a knife and fork, it's just something I never see besides a restaurant.

I'm not trying to gatekeep, it's just not the norm, in my part of the state, anyway. You eat your burrito anyway you want, there's no right way or wrong way.


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No, hand held breakfast burritos are the norm, in your normal household. Especially in NM. In our households, anyway. I'm a 4-5 generation Hispanic -on both sides- in NM and I've never seen anyone break out the knives and forks on a breakfast burrito.