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No, the concept of an absolute 0 in the first place is purely mathematical/theoretical. It would be impossible to force a particle to have zero thermal, and therefore zero kinetic, energy in a quantum universe. Quantum randomness seems to be a fundamental facet of physics.

The only way to really do this would be to annihilate the universe in its entirety, so that there was no energy or matter at all. But then the concept of temperature would have no meaning.


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Yup, and it's not like all of it just goes into making a shit ton of bombs either. A good third of the budget is just for salaries and maintenance of existing equipment. We could legitimately cut half of the budget and still be the largest, best-maintained, and most modern military on the planet.

The real money waster is bullshit blank cheque contracting(over 400B in 2021) and outright money laundering/theft. There's a reason the pentagon has never passed an audit. Over half of its assets are just straight-up unaccounted for.

The modern U.S. military is a money sink for the corrupt and greedy, and every single politician that votes for yearly budget increases are complicit.


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None of that sounds like a bad thing. If the AI is smart enough to manage resources better than us, with the end goal of improving human quality of life in mind, I see no problem. Who cares what's running everything so long as things get done and the people are prospering?

Even more so if it can do it in a way that denies resources from its detractors while providing infrastructure to those that allow it to work for them. Visibly improving society as it does so. Effectively shutting down our more violent, power-hungry, and suicidally independent natures without firing a single bullet.


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Not forbid, just heavily regulate. Make sure you settle all domestic uses for water first and then sell abroad. But only to the point where it can be easily replenished in a short amount of time.

Right now we need to focus on our own needs and replenishing our reservoirs more than anything, otherwise ‘nobody’ is getting water.


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Agreed, though I'd only extend this to water used for agricultural and entertainment purposes. We really shouldn't be charging regular people extra for a daily necessity like water.

Also strict limits and regulations on the import and export of water internationally. To avoid foreign governments from writing blank cheques to keep buying water on a mass scale.


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Biden(or his administration at least) has mentioned that they wanted to go after this specific issue. Well, maybe not the solar fee specifically, but companies issuing bullshit fees more generally.

Whether this is legally feasible and how they’ll go about it I have no idea.


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Reply to comment by mcr1974 in [Image] Abundance Mindset by StillAParadox

Employers: Why aren’t we getting any workers?

Also Employers: *Use algorithm that automatically reject 99.9% of applications unless their absolutely perfect. And after that still rejects people after 2-3 interviews.

Truly, a mystery.