omghooker t1_ixl9dyh wrote

Let me just interject real quick in your possible cons list-

Heavy metal. The studies where metals were found were from studies that had no way to test vaping devices the way vaping devices are used. A cigarette testing is done by lighting it and having a machine suck it down the butt and inspecting a filter that caught all the smoke.

To do the vaping test, they literally went into the devices internals and removed the safety precautions and bypassed over fire protection so they could hold down the button and make their machine pull an entire tank of eliquid straight through.

A coil gets hot. A coil heated nonstop for <insert however long it took to vape through a tank(probably like 20mins)> will shed metals.

But that is not how people vape. Even people who compete in cloud competitions aren't taking pulls of their vape that last longer than fifteen seconds.

Heavy metals are not going in your lungs from vaping. This is another fear mongering tactic from anti vape propagandists.


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It is at least 95pct less harmful than combustion cigarettes

The problem isn't missed, the presentation to the public -at least in the usa- has been, despite 16 million people here who vape.