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All research gets used for productive entrepreneurial purposes. OpenAI is just kind of sad that they started with the mission of being open literally in their name, and now are going the opposite direction.

Google will eat their lunch though. Google has the Worlds largest collection of video and that’s the final frontier of large transformer network Ai.


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Modern cell phones last all day while running 1gbps modems and using neural network hardware for voice recognition and refreshing screens at 120hz, and more, while getting thinner. This is entirely due to battery tech advances.

There’s far more financial incentive to advance things


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Got 20/25 on paintings. I think I was learning as I went on though, probably would do better on a second glance

One thing that surprised me is the Asian painting of women bending into water. I’ve never seen an ai capture a subtle interaction like that as part of the background of an image. Ai is great at foreground objects but fails miserably at subtle background elements right now