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I see them. I just think the way they were stylized they don’t look like the path of a single bullet. A simple single line (and black) would be more effective.


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You should teach it to draw a thin line to illustrate that said bullet was coming back down. Otherwise the only two other options is the rabbit sent a second bullet into the turtles brain or he used mind control to burst the turtles brain.


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I imagine it is annoying but the takeaway is you have a lot of people who care about you so much, deviation from expected patterns sends out alarm bells. Some kids don't get that kind of love from their family. Some kids go missing and no one notices for days, weeks, months.


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Yikes. I can totally understand if they never forgive you. As someone who makes edibles, tinctures, salves and other cannabis products for friends and family I never assume anything and I certainly don’t base other peoples tolerance or expectations on what I do for myself. 250 mg per piece is fucking nonsense to give out to people who you don’t absolutely know how cannabis effects them.

250 mg edibles would wreck 90% of the population and if you knew ahead of time the potency of the edibles and you let folks eat them without taking great care and a detailed explanation (and tell them to eat small pieces to start) of what to expect you shouldn’t be allowed to make edibles for anyone other than yourself.

It is always better to ramp up a dose than to eat the whole thing and hope for the best.


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It's a reasonable reaction to be a bit reactionary when you're busting your ass working two jobs to make ends meet and your sig other is sitting on the couch relaxing. While he shouldn't take out his anger on anyone, I think it is a bit tone deaf to not realize how much pressure he may be under.


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You're in high school. Trust me when I tell you, in your lifetime, will meet "the ONE" dozens of times (sometimes you'll meet "The ONE" multiple times in a week end... If she is "The ONE" serendipity will find you.


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I suppose it depends on your age and/or your desire to see the origins of modern horror films.

I am 56 and I have watched them all as well as the Abbott & Costello Meet the Monsters films. These are movies I grew up watching (on KCOP 13 and KTLA 5 out of Los Angeles) and knew them by heart by the time I was 7 or 8.

Even though many folks born in the 80s may not know the originals, lots of films show snippets of these famous monsters so they are exposed on a superficial level.

Hell, even my my nieces and nephews (in their mid 20s) know them because I would force them to watch them with me during holidays. Nothing better than a Universal Monster Marathon on Halloween.